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Was looking for doner on one half of the pizza. Ended up having to cook something else for the kids. My order had this in the comments.

Andrew, 15 Mar 2019

Great food

Simon, 14 Mar 2019

Get a good service from Dinos and great food

Mike, 07 Mar 2019

Fantastic service

Simon, 04 Mar 2019

As always the food was delivered quickly and to a fantastic fantastic quality. Not my first time ordering from there and won't be my last time RIP Andy

Simon, 04 Mar 2019


Always very nice food Thanks alot

Gus, 02 Mar 2019

Food was good. Left a note on the front door stating “DO NOT RING BELL OR KNOCK DOOR, KNOCK ON LIVING ROOM WINDOW” egnored it and woke my kids as he anthony joshua’d my front door. Food great but mongolism ruined it. U should of got 5 stars hadnt it been for donkey kong

David White, 21 Feb 2019

Very good

Robbyn, 17 Feb 2019

One of the best meat feast pizzas we’ve had in a long time!

Shannon, 17 Feb 2019

Not really a complaint, just an annoyance.....I can never add extra toppings to a pizza where I select "Add Stuffed Crust" always deletes the other...I have reported this on several occasions and it is not resolved.

David, 16 Feb 2019

Very nice

Josh, 15 Feb 2019

The food was fantastic and the delivery man was very polite and friendly. I Will order again sometime. Thank you very much.

Jon, 10 Feb 2019

Top class

Rory, 09 Feb 2019 is not possible to add both Stuffed Crust and Olives to a 12" Chicken and Ham will only add one or the other..I have told the restaurant several times but the matter is not resolved.

David, 09 Feb 2019

Excellent food and service :)

Stuart, 07 Feb 2019

Delivery man was polite and friendly, and the food was delicious as always. Will order again in the future. Thank you very much.

Jon, 06 Feb 2019

Delivery was quick, the food was delicious and the deliveryman was friendly. Thank you very much, will order again sometime.

Jon, 19 Jan 2019

always good food

Arlene, 18 Jan 2019

Pizzas are of a great quality, a little greasy sometimes but always hot on arrival and great value for money, well worth the delivery wait.

Christopher, 12 Jan 2019


Great grub no complaints

Lou, 12 Jan 2019


very good

Arlene, 12 Jan 2019

First class

Sam, 11 Jan 2019

Very good service and quality food

Jordan, 10 Jan 2019

Excellent service delivery driver very courteous food hot and fresh best kebab shop in Montrose

Derek, 05 Jan 2019


Dylan, 04 Jan 2019

Best takeaway in montrose

Dave, 04 Jan 2019